Blue Women’s Vans Mid Slip MTE-1 Sandals – XIXE869


Brand: VANS


Blue Women’s Vans Mid Slip MTE-1 Sandals – XIXE869

You are Made for the Elements?. These are yourVans.

These are your Vans. Waterresistant, supported with a Primaloft? insulation package, and offeringnext-level traction, the Mid Slip MTE-1 is a contemporary cold weather classicand must have for anyone looking for easy in / easy out protection from theelements. It is made with leather and textile uppers. 

? MOISTURE MANAGEMENT – A water resistant upper provides a splash andpuddle guard around the shoe and over the toe, resulting in reliable,comfortable, breathable moisture management protection.

? THERMOREGULATION – The zonal MTE-1 Primaloft? insulation packageuses a high-quality microfiber thermal insulation system to mimic thewarmth-providing properties of down, keeping you warm without retaininginternal moisture.


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